Attractions in Florida

Walt Disney World - The Ultimate Theme Park for Families

Walt Disney World

A truly massive theme park covering over 27,000 acres or the size of San Francisco or Greater Manchester in the UK.

Walt Disney World Resort is the world’s largest theme park featuring 4 separate major theme parks including Disney Magic Kingdom, Disney Animal Kingdom, Disney Epcot, Disney MGM Studios, night-time attractions and themed shopping at the amazing Downtown Disney - a truly magical experience for all ages. The fireworks at Epcot are absolutely amazing and a must see !!

Disney attractions are only 15 - 20 minutes drive from Watersong Resort.

Walt Disney World - Amazing Water Parks

Walt Disney World

Disney World has two water parks. The hugely popular Typhoon Lagoon, designed to resemble a beach resort devastated by a tropical storm, can hold more than 7,000 people at once, and has plenty of rides and attractions. Blizzard Beach’s theme is a ski resort that melted and is a favourite among water slide fans. But whatever extreme weather they represent, these parks have similar features: long drops to build up speed and darkened tubes to confuse you before spilling you, laughing or screaming, into a wading pool below

Disney Water Parks are only 15 - 20 minutes drive from Watersong Resort.

Universal Studios Theme Park


You’re the star at Universal Studios, the number one movie and TV based theme park in the world. At this real film and television studio you’ll go behind the scenes, beyond the screen and right into the action of your favourite movies. Plunge into darkness as you encounter scarab beetles, fireballs & more as you face the ancient curse of Revenge of the Mummy the Ride. Take aim and zap aliens in Men In Black Alien Attack, an interactive ride where you compete against other players and your score determines the ending. Join forces with the Terminator 3D in a battle to prevent mankind's extinction at the cold, steel hands of futuristic cyborgs. You're gonna need a bigger boat! Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. a giant fin slices through the waves and you're suddenly face to face with three tons of Great White fury in Jaws. Hold on as ceilings collapse, subway cars crash, and gasoline trucks explode in an authentic Earthquake registering 8.3 on the Richter Scale. Shrek 4D features an original 3D film, plus an extra dimension of special effects through the miracle of OgreVision. You see, hear and actually FEEL the action right from your seat! If you love motion simulator rides, you'll love Shrek 4D and loads more

Universal Studios are only 25 - 30 minutes drive from Watersong Resort.

Islands of Adventure Theme Park

Island Adventure

Journey with your family through five remarkable islands where all your favourite myths, legends, comic books, cartoon heroes and children’s stories come to life on the most innovative rides and attractions ever created. You better hold on tight as the Incredible Hulk Coaster sends you on a high-speed roller coaster rampage, blasting off with the force of an F-14 fighter jet launching from an aircraft carrier... nothing you've done can prepare you for this one! Take on both Duelling Dragons — Fire and Ice — twin roller coasters that pass within mere inches of each other. Feel what it would really be like to Swing through New York city skyscrapers with Spiderman. The 'realness' of this virtual reality experience will blow your mind! See if you can withstand forces greater than gravity itself as Doctor Doom’s Fearfall rockets you 150 feet into the air, then back down again.

Now Open: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter where you can pass through the towering Hogwarts castle gates and explore the familiar passageways, classrooms and corridors. Visit the shops of Hogsmeade, including Honeydukes, Zonko's Joke Shop, Ollivanders and more. Dine at the Three Broomsticks. Plus experience new pulse-pounding rides including Dragon Challenge, Flight of the Hippogriff and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, a state-of-the-art attraction that brings the magic, characters, and stories of Harry Potter to life in ways never before imagined.

Islands of Adventure are only 25 - 30 minutes drive from Watersong Resort.

Busch Gardens

Nothing can quite prepare you for the excitement and adventure offered at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay - all with an African theme! There are few adventure parks in the world which offer such a diverse array of experiences all in one place. Their new rollercoaster, SheiKra carries riders up 200 feet at 45 degrees, then hurtles them 70 mph back toward the ground through a sheer vertical drop. It is the first coaster of its kind in the Americas and only the third in the world.

Busch Gardens is only 75 minutes drive from Watersong Resort.


SeaWorld Orlando is the world's premiere marine adventure park with 200 acres of world-class shows, thrilling rides and unforgettable animal encounters. Explore the mysteries of the sea with up-close animal interactions including Dolphins and exhilarating thrills. New state-of-the-art rides such as Kraken rollercoaster and Journey To Atlantis twist, turn, and drench you with unprecedented thrills, while amazing animal encounters include killer whales (Shamu Show), dolphins, sea lions, stingrays and more. SeaWorld - Manta Flying Watercoaster
Sea World's newest next generation ride called Manta, inspired by the underwater flight of Mantas in which riders fly face down, in a horizontal SeaWorld - Manta Flying Watercoasterposition, underneath the belly of a coaster train shaped as a giant manta. With a wing span of 12 feet, the giant manta will soar over water and sky in the most graceful flying coaster ever created.
Gliding, swooping and diving up to nearly 60 mph, through four inversions on 3,359 feet of track, riders will feel as if they are a ray, taking flight effortlessly from sky to sea - so close at times that the Manta's wings skim the waves.

SeaWorld is only 25 minutes drive from Watersong Resort.

Discovery Cove - Swim with Dolphins

Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is located next to SeaWorld and is like stepping into another world! It's a tropical paradise - where the adventure never ends. You can swim one-on-one with dolphins, snorkel with tropical fish, stroke stingrays and play with hundreds of tropical birds. At the Coral Reef you will be invited to pull on a mask and snorkel to experience a very special adventure where you can dive on a stunning coral reef surrounded by giant stingrays, barracuda and scary looking sharks (behind hidden glass of course). Finally, relax amongst the palms on a hammock enjoying a long cool drink. Lunch is included in the package.

Discovery Cove is only 25 minutes drive from Watersong Resort.

Aquatica - Dolphin Plunge


Aquatica is a combination of animal experiences, water rides and slides, high-speed thrills & relaxing sandy beaches & will appeal to all ages.

The new Aquatica water park is set in the South Seas & features 36 water slides, six winding rivers and lagoons with tropical fish. There are two large side-by-side wave lagoons, offering two very different experiences; one has crashing waves & five foot swells whilst the other has a gently rolling surf.

Amongst the 12 main attractions there are also eight-lane racing slides, racing tunnels, triple-drop raft rides & inner tube river adventures. For small children & toddlers there is an enormous interactive water play area including a 60 foot high rain fortress besides a 15,000 gallon pool plus special family orientated slides & water cannon.

Aquatica also boasts over 80,000 square feet of white sandy beaches where you can relax in the shade of your own personal cabana & take advantage of the beachside service.

One of the signature attractions of the new park is a very special water slide. It consists of a pair of clear acrylic tubes that swimsuit clad guests will slide down through a pool inhabited by black & white Commerson's dolphins, giving the impression of flying under water.

Aquatica is only 25 minutes drive from Watersong Resort.


Legoland Florida

The Park offers interactive attractions, family rides, shows, restaurants, shopping and beautiful landscaped gardens specifically geared for families with children ages 2 to 12.

LEGOLAND Florida is the biggest LEGOLAND Park ever and offers a unique mix of more than 50 rides, shows and attractions, including spectacular LEGO models and other interactive elements for the whole family to enjoy together.

After only recently opening, LEGOLAND is expanding to include a Water Park, scheduled to open in time for summer 2012, the water park attraction will feature a wave pool, Build-A-Raft lazy river, tube slides, body slides and an interactive water-play structure all based on the popular DUPLO Safari product range.

LEGOLAND Florida is only 30 minutes drive from Watersong Resort.

NASA Kennedy Space Center

At Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, you get the unique chance to tour – up close – NASA’s launch and landing facilities. Experience interactive simulators, live shows and jaw-dropping encounters with massive rockets, as well as have the opportunity to meet a real member of NASA’s Astronaut Corps. It’s all what you can expect from an inspiring day at Kennedy Space Center. If you are lucky, you could even witness an awesome rocket launch - an experience worth waiting for !! CLICK HERE to check for next scheduled rocket launch

Kennedy Space Centre is only 90 minutes drive from Watersong Resort.

Gatorland Orlando

Gator Land

Gatorland has been creating fond vacation memories for millions of visitors who have entered through its gaping gator mouth entrance. Gatorland is a 110-acre theme park and wildlife preserve, combining "Old Florida" charm with exciting, new exhibits and entertainment including the very rare white alligators and children's splash area. Known internationally as the "Alligator Capital of the World," Gatorland today provides affordably priced family-fun with thousands of alligators and crocodiles, a breeding marsh with boardwalk and observation tower, one-of-a-kind reptilian shows, aviary, petting zoo, swamp walk, educational programs and much, much more.

Gatorland is only 25 - 30 minutes drive from Watersong Resort.